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Learn the same skills and discipline that's helping normal people like Brett reach their trading and lifestyle goals.

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A methodology that will bring you success over the long term.

Learn the process in which money is consistently extracted from the markets

  • Learn how all liquid markets like Forex, Bitcoin, and Indices move in cycles, rather than specific patterns.
  • Learn the necessary formula to consistently extract money from the markets.
  • Learn why it is so easy to lose money trading and how you can learn to do the opposite.
  • See the markets the same way as the Big Banks and Market Makers; and trade along side them.
  • Develop a foundational market understanding and approach you can rely on long term.

Yes, It Really Is Possible When You Start From The Right Place In The Beginning.

Action Threshold Software teaches you to look at the market the only way that makes consistent money long term; as a sophisticated money manager that capitalizes on the opportunities created by the mistakes of the masses.

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In The Next 6 Months, You Could…

  • Build a skill set that will take care of you for the rest of your life.
  • Work from anywhere in the world.
  • Start making a significant income by qualifying to get funded and trade Prop Firm capital.

It all starts with building the right skillset. Once you have it you own it forever. Even if you don't have enough trading capital, with the right skillset, the money comes to you. That's power!


The Accelerated ATS Software and Educational Program For Serious Traders

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Are You Ready To Start Learning The Skillset That Can Set You Free?

Our proprietary software and step by step training program will help you begin your trading career in the best possible way for the fastest sustainable results.

You will:

  • Skip all of the misinformation that is widely available.
  • Focus on learning what really matters for long term trading success.
  • Not waste time and money on expensive courses that will ultimately get you nowhere.


What's Included In The ATS Program...

The ATS Proprietary Software Package For MT4 & TradingView

Proprietary ATS Software Suite designed to help you think and trade like the Banks

  • Proprietary, non-repainting algorythim suite that shows you all of the sensitive points in the market where you can build a solid trading plan around for low risk, high return trade management. 
  • Completely based on how the markets move in cycles, not set patterns.
  • Has no settings so it works in every market time frame and condition.
ATS Assistant: The Ultimate Market Scanner and Time Saver

ATS Assistant Monitors The Market For Significant Activity So You Only Trade When It Matters Most

  • Get notified of the specific setups within the system that you trade best.
  • Save yourself tons of screen time.
  • Monitor multiple markets across multiple time frames.

*Please note that to get the most from this tool you must spend time learning the core ATS methodology first. ATS Assistant is only available for the MetaTrader 4 platform at this time.

ATS Training Courses 

Learn Everything You Need To Know Through Our Online Courses Like ATS Methodology Mastery and Self Mastery Through NLP

  • Learn the core ATS methodology through easy to follow, step by step video lessons.
  • Learn how to master your emotional intelligence through our unique Self Mastery NLP Course featuring the one and only, Sid Jacobson; a highly sought-after NLP practitioner with over 40 years of experience.
Live training Webinars 

Learn and Ask Questions During Our Weekly Live Webinars

  • Ask questions about markets you are actively trading.
  • Get ideas and insight from other peoples questions and answers.
  • Watch all replays of our past webinars for further accelerated learning.
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Unmatched Customer Support

Be Guided In Your Journey With Our Cutting Edge Video Reply Support System

  • Send us an email or question about a market you are looking to trade anytime you want.
  • Get back a custom video reply containing our thoughts and advice on how you should proceed.
  • No one else does this. Take advantage of it.

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