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Watch the video below to see how our software can help you achieve your trading goals.


Trade ATS Featured Interview: John P.

Hear how John used Trade ATS software and Methodology in his journey to reach his Prop Funding Goals.

John's Story

Video Replies to Your Chart Questions

Learning how to trade is difficult enough - Getting your chart-related questions answered shouldn't add to that frustration. We're proud to introduce the use of Loom Video Recording to address your technical questions with clear answers right over the chart you'd like feedback or help with. The video shown is a quick demonstration of the personalized support you can expect from a Trade ATS software subscription.


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After Working With Hundreds of Traders the Answer Becomes Clear 

The fact is all money in the market is made in trend and your ability to efficiently enter the market in trend will define your consistent success. Period. That is what ATS is all about.

Advanced Charting Platform for Professional Traders

ATS draws exact price levels that give specific information used by professional traders for trading ideas and portfolio management. It works the same in all liquid markets.

Exclusively For TradingView & MetaTrader 4 For Windows

Take advantage of the ATS lens on nearly every instrument under the sun on all of your devices.

No Optimization Needed

ATS has the same application on all timeframes in all liquid markets. No more separate strategies for scalping and swing trading in different markets.

Cutting Edge Methodology

Our Methodology is based on how the "Smart Money" competes against one another and the losing masses of Retail Traders. ATS helps you do the same.

Learn At Your Own Pace

Our extensive training will guide you through everything from installing ATS to high-level market concepts in easy-to-understand videos and tutorials.

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