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After Working With Hundreds of Traders the Answer Becomes Clear 

The fact is all money in the market is made in trend and your ability to efficiently enter the market in trend will define your consistent success. Period. That is what ATS is all about.

Advanced Charting Platform for Professional Traders

ATS gives exact price levels that give specific information used by professional traders for trading ideas and portfolio management. It works the same with any financial market available on MT4.

A Stable Platform For Growth

Build your skill set on a stable platform that does not rely on changing settings to conform to markets. Our charts will show the same information in the same way every single day without the need for adjustment. 

Exclusively For MetaTrader 4

ATS software works exclusively with MetaTrader 4 running on the Microsoft operating system. (Windows 7 or higher) Mac users must install Parallels and Windows to run ATS software.

Action Threshold Software Features

Cutting Edge Methodology

Our methodology is based on how the "smart money" trades against the losing masses of retail traders, and teaches you to do the same.

Works In All Markets And Time-frames

The ATS methodology does not rely on certain market conditions. It works in all financial markets and on all time-frames.

Learn At Your Own Pace

Our online course will teach you everything you need to know to use ATS software and even how to use the MT4 trading platform if you are just starting out.

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