Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of your software and online course?

Our software is rented for an initial payment of $300, followed by $250 per month thereafter, with deeply discounted 6-month and 12-month subscriptions available. The subscription can be canceled at any time for any reason by you via your Paypal account. The subscription includes our ATS chart mapping software for MT4 and TradingView, access to our online course, weekly webinar access, and our ATS Assistant Expert Adviser (MT4 Only). You can learn more about our subscription by clicking here.

Do you offer any payment options other than Paypal?

Currently, Paypal is our only payment processor.

Are there any other payment plans besides month-to-month?

Yes. We currently offer a 6- Month and 1 Year Subscription to new subscribers for $850 and $1650 respectively.

Does ATS give free trials?

We do not currently offer free trials of the software or training.

Does ATS work on a Mac Computer?

The TradingView version of ATS will work via browser or app on your Mac computer. It will also work on your internet-connected tablet or mobile device.

The MetaTrader 4 version of ATS and the ATS Assistant is currently only compatible with a Windows PC, or a Mac running Windows via Parallels.

Does ATS work on every trading instrument and timeframe?

Yes, ATS will show you the same repeatable information in any high-volume market and on any timeframe. It has no settings and is the same all of the time regardless of what you choose to trade. A market ATS would not be ideal for is a penny stock with low overall volume and catalyst-driven movement.

Does ATS repaint or change signals in any way?

Absolutely not! We went to great lengths to make sure that what you see is what you get. Therefore, when doing backtesting and learning how price interacts with our software you will be looking at exactly what happened in the moment.

What Trading Platforms are compatible with ATS?

Currently, the ATS Suite is available for MetaTrader 4 on Windows and TradingView.

Is ATS a lagging or leading indicator?

The only part of the ATS algorithm that lags until the close of the current candle is the formation of the boxes. This had to be this way to not repaint and preserve accuracy. Other than that, everything forms in real-time as a leading indicator so you get the information that matters faster than those you are competing against.

Is there documented performance of the ATS system?

ATS is not a document-able, rules-based system and should not be looked at in that way. It will show you a map of deep liquidity and sensitive reaction points in the market, but it is up to the trader to form their own trading plan around what they see according to their timeframe and risk/reward appetite. Think Fibonacci levels, but one thousand times more effective. Different traders will have different results based on their experience and screen time.

Does ATS teach a basic trading approach to get started with?

Yes. Our course outlines a basic way to get started using ATS to find entry set-ups that have a high percentage of putting you into the money. How much profit and risk you take will depend on the skill you build over time using the tool. Once you get familiar there are many different ways you can use ATS to find trades not easily seen by the masses.

Can I be successful by just following the signals from ATS Assistant?

Yes and no. ATS Assistant is an amazing tool for those who have taken the time to understand how to manually trade first. If you just simply push the buy or sell button without understanding the setup first you will not have success. All setups have variables that need to be analyzed and weighed out before committing to a trade. We recommend spending at least one month studying and watching the signals before live trading them.

Who is this methodology and software best for?

This is best for traders who do not believe in traditional technical analysis/indicators and wish to look at the market for what it is; a game between people and their money.

How much money do I need to get started in a live account?

As a rule, we generally stay out of making recommendations for your own trading account, as we believe that is your business and not ours. That being said, our basic recommendation for most people starting their own live account would be $2K - $3K USD to make decent gains without over-leveraging.

If you are in a desperate financial situation then it is not the right time for you to be trading. Keep learning and come back when things settle out. You will have a much better chance of success then.

What is the learning curve with this software?

If one has the circumstances to trade every day during the London / New York Sessions most people can understand what they are doing within a few months. If you have a day job, then it is best to trade higher timeframes like the H1 and H4 which will by default make the learning curve take a bit longer.

What kind of support does ATS give to subscribers?

We support our subscribers primarily through email and video replies using Loom Video Software to chart-related questions (which you can see an example of below). We also do weekly live webinars to answer any questions you might have that are recorded and archived, so you can watch previous sessions at your convenience on-demand.

How many subscribers does ATS have?

Not many compared to most big educators. We value quality over quantity. We do very little advertising and most of our new subscribers come from referrals within our user base. Our goal is to work with a limited number of individuals who are serious about trading and see the value in our approach and software. We invest our best in people and in return, most stay with us for many years.

How long did it take to develop ATS?

Over 7 years of manually mapping beliefs and market phases and thousands of hours of study. It was an absolute labor of love.


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